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Do You Have an Agenda for your Life?

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Isn’t that an interesting question? Most successful meetings and events require an agenda. I begin to formulate this blog as I pondered discussions from my mastermind group.

In this particular group session we discussed  three laws “The Law of Design, The Law of Pain and the Law of the Ladder”. We talked about creating systems, planning, prioritizing, turning pain into profit and being better on the inside than the outside. We talked about how most times our lives don’t really change, and… we don’t change until circumstances basically dictate that we do. It comes down to we have no choice… if we’re going to survive or thrive.

So, in this group of wonderful participants there was a paradigm shift to a growth mindset that says, now we do life on purpose (intentional) and we don’t wait for the unexpected events. Will unexpected events happen? Of course…that’s life but…NOW…we’re no longer living by default… We PLAN our lives… and that starts with minutes of each day. We talked about event planning as an example. Think about an event or even a simple meeting.


We start with the SOLUTION or the END RESULT we’re looking for. We schedule the date, the time, the place, the activity, down to the breaks.

THE AGENDA (we plan/document every minute) And, sometimes, if the venue or the space is off-site we make a site-visit.

You’re going to visit (THE SPACE/the thing/the life) you’re creating. If you can go physically, that’s wonderful. But you can also make a mental visit using your imagination. Why, because we create in our minds first.

What does it look like? ….What’s the floor plan, What are the colors, what’s for lunch/meal/caterer…music/DJ…and the most important thing…what am I going to wear.. how many tables will you need… then who is at your table? Which tables are reserved if any?


What are the spaces for various relationships in your life?

Everyone can’t sit at the head table. Everyone can’t have access to certain parts of your life. You have to determine time spent with certain people. For example if you have a person in your life that …you’re tired, drained or almost depressed when you get through talking to them…you have to limit your time with them. I’m just saying….

What is the agenda of your life and why do you need it? The agenda provides guidance for the flow of the day  to accomplish The GOAL. To keep you on track…does everything go exactly as planned – absolutely NOT….we make adjustments and course corrections along the way.

We provide time limits to pieces of the agenda don’t we… – talking points, things we want to accomplish within each 5-10 minute increments…. I’m talking about The AGENDA of YOUR LIFE


Don’t we hate meetings that have no agenda, no point, no purpose or direction… you even stop paying attention, you make sidebar comments or start giving the side-eye and you can’t wait until it’s over.

This is Your Life…WHATS YOUR AGENDA?  Life is Trip, what are your travel plans?

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