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I believe that everything that has been created was created to fulfill a need, a service or specific purpose. The potential is therefore already built into the creation and fully known by its creator. I love living out my purpose and helping others to LIVE LIFE and fulfill their God given Purpose. Therein is the fulfillment of a Purposeful, Intentional, and Significant Life.

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As a survivor of domestic violence I certainly had to reclaim my power and self-worth. It was took courage to take my life back. And then I had to do the work of changing my beliefs, my thoughts, and my behavior to begin living a life that I love and now lead.  It took courage. But first it took a BELIEF that I was worth it...and so are you...


As a leader, I believe the journey of personal development impacts every area of our lives for the better; our families, our relationships, our organizations, and our businesses.

In my quest to live my best life, I have personally studied, applied, and experienced the power of leadership development and emotional intelligence, along with the importance of vision and purpose, which served me greatly for twenty-eight years in the telecommunications industry, where I successfully managed multiple six figure projects from inception to implementation.  



My personal life as a  woman of faith, a wife, mother, and grandmother has also been immensely impacted.

My desire to help others fulfill their purpose and to become their personal best led me to found Seed of Hope Foundation in 2009; a non-profit organization that mentors teens and young adults in leadership development and life skills. We also mentor and coach adult women.

I love reaching goals that I have set for myself, and I am extremely excited when I help others achieve their dreams, their goals, and their purpose; this is what led me to the John Maxwell Team. I believe; just as we plan a trip or a party, a fulfilling and purposeful life or business is intentional, planned and balanced which allows us to live a whole life.

True success is living on purpose, with passion through a plan.  I am committed to lifelong learning and growth.

My motto: The proof of desire is Pursuit! How bad do you really want to live, love, and lead in life?

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