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Winning with Intuition - Are You Listening?

My gut is telling me… I got a funny feeling about… My intuition says something isn’t right… Have you heard this before? Some of us have well-developed intuitions that we trust and use to make decisions and some of us don’t trust our intuition any more than we would knock on wood.

But what is intuition? Intuition is your brain on autopilot. Think about when you take a shower. Most of us don’t think. We are on autopilot. We start top-down or however, you do it. You do it the same every day and your brain takes in information while you are probably still waking up. Your brain is functioning outside your awareness, which is called nonconscious thinking.

It is safe to rely on nonconscious thinking for showering, preparing that morning coffee, walking, or even driving to the office. These are routines that your brain is capable of handling without you getting involved in the process.

But your brain is also functioning in this capacity during complex processes that you think you are fully aware of. Our brains are capable of very complex tasks and when we involve the subconscious mind, sometimes we lose those sound judgments our intuition has processed as we begin to overthink a situation and question ourselves. We dismiss our intuition. All of the factors that influence our reactions are always available to our conscious minds.

I believe that spirit is our intuition and therefore is always right. Remember what the late Wayne Dyer said, "If prayer is you talking to God then intuition is God talking to you."

Many people believe that God speaks to us through our intuition and yet we still ignore all the signs and overthink something to disaster. Test your intuition for the next 30 days. Keep a journal of when you get a funny feeling and write down the circumstances and then the outcome. Be sure to go back after the month and review whether or not you followed your intuition and how accurate it was. It may just surprise you.

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