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Nothing or no one, could have told us at the beginning of the year or even the beginning of last month what we would be LIVING THROUGH. It seems almost surreal that the challenge last month was to look at death as an adviser in order to make our moments of choice sacred. This previous month brought the WORLD not just the country, your city or state..the WORLD to a longer business as usual.  That is very sobering like a death is it not? You have to RETHINK a lot of things. 

We have had to make adjustments...a LOT of GOOD some not so good (toilet paper) don't even get me

We now HAVE TIME for the IMPORTANT PEOPLE and THINGS in our lives. Some didn't realize how much they missed family dinner time or family prayer time or movie night or game night. Some get the opportunity to get to know one another again...I can't say whether that is good or bad...but I hope it's good. Some are concerned because their loved one is deemed essential, when they have always been essential to us. I don't know how much or how big this has impacted you, but any impact is a big impact. I want you to know that if you are connected with me in any way and if you are reading are in my thoughts and my prayers.

With the world changing and the situation and information changing minute by minute...THANK GOD we have a GOD who NEVER CHANGES. I am so grateful for my faith not so much in my faith...but in my Faith in HIS LOVE for me. I know that HE Loves me and He has a plan for my life. I can rest in that...I can entrust my family members to HIM as I stand on His Word. I pray that you are doing the same. 

Remember faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Stay informed but not consumed. Be prepared but not scared. Honor those in authority and honor your neighbors and seniors to keep them safe. Be the light in the grocery store. Be that ray of hope and peace in the storm in someone else's life. And by all means...please share the toilet paper....(I couldn't resist)

P.S. Be sure to take care of yourself...and let others take care of you too. Read a good book...start writing that book, play or program. Find your nourishing centers, things that feed your soul and your spirit. Give to a shelter, a mission or food pantry. Because this too shall pass and we need you ready to go when the doors of the church are open...(we are the church) and the lift of quarantine takes place...the world is waiting for you. And...God always has a plan.

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