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Is There A Better Way?

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Time For A Change

Can you imagine that there may be a better way to doing what you do?  Can you accept that idea?  Are you open minded enough to ask others for differing opinions?  If you are able and willing to look at things through different eyes, read on.

How many times have you completed your daily routine without even thinking twice about which shoe went on first, if you brushed your teeth, if you washed your hair?

We are creatures of habit.  We do things a certain way because, well, it works! Or that’s how I always did it.  Because, I don’t know! Because that is how my mom/dad taught me.  Because that is what my big brother did… Hmmmm.

So maybe it’s time to re-examine how you do what you do and why you do it and see if there is a better more efficient way of doing it? Maybe if you stop for a moment and say okay, I am going to consciously take notice of my life, my actions, my choices, you may immediately see that its time for a change.

Awareness is key to moving from a dependent state of doing to an independent state of being.  Examine your actions and take responsibility for the outcomes.  Now that you are aware of your outcomes and how you got there, examine the outcomes and decide if they need changes as well.  By focusing on the end result, you can make the necessary changes early on to better direct your time and energy.

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