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Is Motivation Enough? Where Motivational Speakers Get it Wrong...

I have nothing against motivational speakers….absolutely nothing.

In fact, that I’m successful today is as a result of listening to them, both in conferences and in the church. But here’s what I have noticed about most of them:

They don’t give the accurate picture of what it takes to succeed.

They emphasize one part and give little to no attention on the other part.

Here’s what I’m saying:

They tell you that you need to dream big, think big and to never settle for less.

But they either forget or deliberately refuse to emphasize that after thinking big comes working hard or smart.

I don’t blame them though, that’s what people want to hear: how to succeed without working.

However, as my friend, I’ll tell you the truth.

To succeed in life, you need to think big, dream big and then go out there to work it out.

It’s only through hard-work that the dreams will come to pass.

Think of it. Imagine that the Wright Brothers merely thought and dreamed about building an airplane, without going out to try it out. Of course, they wouldn’t have been the first people to make an airplane.

That’s how it is; You need to dream big and then take the necessary action needed towards making the dream a reality.

If you don’t work or take action, then you will live and die with your dreams. Everything starts with a Decision!

I’m Challenging you to TAKE ACTION and Get IT Done. C’mon Let’s Goal Together.

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Coach J

Your Heart 2 Heart Transformation and Empowerment Life Coach

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