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How To Win The Day With Awareness

The first step toward change is awareness. The second is Acceptance” –Nathaniel Branden

One of the 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth is the Law of Awareness which says you have to KNOW YOURSELF to GROW YOURSELF.

When we talk about awareness I’m talking about becoming an observer of your life….your actions, your reactions….taking response – ability.

Becoming an observer with a specific purpose of hunting limiting beliefs that no longer serve you.

Webster tells us that a belief is an instinctive mental reaction that reveals an opinion (attitude).

Therefore, automatic, unconscious behaviors and the underlying emotion can reveal a lot about what we believe….

How Are You Behaving? 

My challenge to you, if you choose to accept it, is to observe your emotional reactions to situations, circumstance and people this month.

How can I do this you ask? I want you to stop the world, take a pause and deliberately decide on a course of action. This is building your will. This allows you to consciously take your focus  (your energy) and decide on a course of action.

Don’t allow your emotions to tell you a story, that gets you running off in your imagination, running off at the mouth, having an attitude….becoming a victim, a judge or a critic.  STOP, take your energy and ask yourself a question because your perspective of what you’re believing in the moment could be distorting everything you see.

Here’s are some questions:

What just happened?how do I feel? What am I telling myself? Is what I’m saying to myself absolutely true?

Another question I ask myself is why did that upset me?

In that moment, you’re awake and observing your life….and you are response – able, not reacting.

Remember, You always have the power to choose something else to believe.

Come on #letsGrow #wintheday You have so much more – Let Us Have it!

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