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How Long will You Persist?

Last month we talked about focusing our faith and whatever it takes. We're staying right there and now with that focused faith...we will persist until...however long it takes.

Listen...It takes however long it takes. I love how the late Jim Rohn put it, He asked the question "How long would you give the average baby to walk before you said okay ENOUGH"? Now I'm asking you, how long would the baby try walking before giving up? That baby will not give up and neither will you.

So how long do we PERIST for our dreams, our goals, our families, our marriages, our cities, our state, our country? UNTIL

For some people just hearing the word persistence brings about a sensation or image of struggle, of unending effort or challenge that has to be endured.


Join me with

Pastor Diane Saunders and Pastor Tiffany Robinson for the

March Heart2Heart Roundtable

as we continue the discussion on Understanding Toxic Emotions.

Sunday, March 21, 2021 6PM CST

This is a Facebook/zoom live discussion. Zoom link will be provided closer to the event.

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Jacqueline is an Independent Certified Coach, Speaker, Trainer with the John Maxwell Team

Top 20 Nominee for the John Maxwell Team Culture Award

CEO and Founder of Heart2Heart Empowerment

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