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Have You Entered Into it Yet?

We’ve entered in that time of the year when we all begin to reflect, show gratitude and plan ahead with excitement. We enter into the spirit of the season. 

Have You entered in the spirit of it yet?

Have you entered into the spirit of what you’re believing for? Are you conducting the activities that are required each and every day in the spirit of them as if you have already manifested it? Are you really clear on what it is that you desire and are you BECOMING the person that is required to carry it?

You cannot seize that which you cannot see.

The reason I ask…sometimes we are not receiving what we desire because we are not clear – the reception of what we are broadcasting out has static…the vision is blurry…our thoughts and our actions don’t line up.

I’m challenging you in this Christmas Season and this new Decade we’re about to enter into to give yourself the GIFT of Clarity. BECOME very clear about what you desire.

If I were to have a simple conversation with you, would I be able to run with your vision or is there ambiguity surrounding it?

Write it down and keep writing it until you see it….Say it out loud until you believe it. And then take action. We’re looking for congruence where your heart, your thoughts and your actions are aligned. This is what we need in our crosswalk and in our life endeavors.

Who do you need to BECOME…where do you need to grow yourself? This is a journey we’re one. The best gift you can give yourself and those you love is the best you. The best gift we can give the Creator is a purposed filled life. To know HIM and to make HIM known while fulfilling our God given purpose and potential.

Let's Enter INTO the Spirit of IT....

My Wish for you this Christmas is the Gift of Clarity along with Grace, Peace and Joy and Prosperity in every area of life.

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Jacqueline is an Independent Certified Coach, Speaker, Trainer with the John Maxwell Team

CEO and Founder of Heart2Heart Empowerment 

Author of Bringing Every Thought Captive and 

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Aug 24, 2021

Loved reeading this thank you

Replying to

Thank You Kian. I just reread it and it still speaks volumes. I wish you Clarity as you enter into the Spirit of your dreams and goals.

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