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Grace For The Race

Hey Beloved:

Blessings to You and your family.

It's August and we're still HERE. We have been blessed to grace the planet another month...even with all the madness. ONE thing I know for sure is that you have to HARVEST THE GOOD. And never GIVE UP HOPE for a better tomorrow. Take Courage....

Remember our HOPE is in the Lord. 

This does not exempt us from having a voice and part in our individual spheres of influence. And those of you who are called into public service in any capacity...we cover and pray for you. 

Let's continue at all cost those of us who are believers to stay aligned with the bless and not curse. To pray for ALL those in authority and for this great country we live in.

Let's GROW in the midst of the storm. Let's be the light of hope, peace and salvation to those who don't know our Savior. Let us ever be ready to give a response to why we believe what we believe. 

Remember faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Stay informed but not consumed. Be prepared but not scared. Honor those in authority and honor your neighbors and seniors to keep them safe. Be the light in your world. Be that ray of hope and peace in the storm in someone else's life. 

I know that our BIGGEST BATTLE is most times in the mind. Managing our thoughts...So I wanted to give you a FREE resource "10 Steps to Bringing Every Thought Captive." I hope that it adds value to you.  Click HERE and at checkout enter the Coupon Code: BETC10

P.S. I've been on a little mini-sabbatical - I had to pull back and release a few things to take care of myself physically and emotionally. "You have to know yourself to grow yourself and you have to grow yourself to know yourself." - (15 Invaluable Laws of Growth). 

So as I became more agitated and frustrated a couple of weeks ago...I had to have a sit down with myself to tap into what was wrong...I realized I was tired physically but mostly emotionally.  I realized that I hadn't really taken the time to grieve my baby Sister Tracy...because I just kept moving and working and we haven't had a vacation this year to "refresh". 

So, I've been kinda coasting the last two weeks and it feels really good. Walking to just walk...not gotta get it in....not hustling or grinding...just BEing...doing absolutely, I And...I'm slowly coming back around. 

P.S.S. Be sure to take care of yourself...and let others take care of you too. Read a good book...start writing that book, that play or program. Start that business or ministry. Take walks, stand in the sunshine. Sing to the top of your voice. Find your nourishing centers, things that feed your soul and your spirit. Give to a shelter, a mission or food pantry. Don't forget to sow into yourself. You are good soil.


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Winning with Courage - Harnessing the Power Within to Win

August 4th

PONDER THIS Of what use to make heroic vows of amendment if the same ole lawbreaker is to keep them? 



Jacqueline is an Independent Certified Coach, Speaker, Trainer with the John Maxwell Team

CEO and Founder of Heart2Heart Empowerment 

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