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Heart 2 Heart Empowerment Mentoring


This Program is for 

Those who DESIRE help pinpointing and clarifying what it is they really want allowing them to uncover their TRUE purpose. 


Those who want step by step guidance on HOW to move from procrastination to action-taking with a clear path forward.


Those who want to breakthrough self-limiting beliefs so they car soar to higher heights and achieve the success they desire.


Those who want customized coaching from a heart centered coach with a track record for success in coaching groups and individuals through mindset shifts, self-doubt, and fear. 

Those who are REALLY READY to LIVE:

Hear What Others Are Saying

Empowerment Mentoring has been life-changing for me. The lessons have helped me get past my limiting beliefs, create new behaviors and make choices that are helping me become the best, most authentic, version of me. - T. Noble

I love Coach Jacqui! She has definitely helped me to shift my mindset and perspective in a way that has allowed me to embrace amazing new opportunities in my business. Empowerment Mentoring was a game changer for me in helping me to change my thinking.  – G. Young

Valued at $1997.00

Only $997

     Convenient Payment Options

One IDEA or new UNDERSTANDING can SHIFT the Power back to YOU and Transform Your Life. 

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